After recently entering adulthood, I came up with eighteen life lessons I have accumulated across eighteen years of my life. Some obvious and some not-so-obvious, here they are :

  1. People are always attracted to achievements
    Instead of pandering to others and worrying about whether you are likable or not and thus feeling lonely, I have learned to work hard and better myself — people will instinctively follow. This because people always strive for betterment and so would want to surround themselves with successful people.
    Ironically, you stop feeling lonely once you stop caring about what others think
  2. Seeing things to…

I recently sat through a pseudo-biopic named “Gunjan Saxena”. I call it a pseudo-biopic because of the several discrepancies between the real-life events and the plotline that extended way beyond the realm of poetic interpretation and artistic liberty (Just like those between India’s current economy and its goal for a $5 trillion one). Not only was the Indian Air Force’s culture of discipline severely underplayed, Gunjan Saxena’s intellect abased, and the traditional theatricalization overworked, but the portrayal of gender inequality within the Air Force was egregiously exacerbated.

But that is not what I’m really here to talk about. …

Iran’s asset bubble

Iran, of late, has been mired in afflictions — from facing sanctions by the US to the coronavirus pandemic and now, to the potential asset bubble in its stock market.

All of these factors together give a very scary proposition due to their debilitating effects — socially, politically and economically. It is imperative to thus know how this asset bubble came about and what the government can do to save face (that is, if it accepts the existence of the bubble).

What is an asset bubble

Like in any decent article related to asset bubbles, one should first be acquainted with its definition and its…

Foreign Direct Investment in the Indian market is the bellwether for the Indian economy’s growth. It is the key component for the development of Indian businesses and its burgeoning profits. With the onset of the pandemic and the consequent effective internet utilisation, FDI can be instrumental in propelling the E-Commerce Businesses forward. Currently, the Reserve Bank of India allows 100% of FDI in E- Commerce, the stipulation being that this is only applicable to B2B (business to business) companies and not for B2C (business to consumer) companies. …

In modern times, states wage war against each other because interventionism and central planning can lead to genuine conflicts between citizens of rival states. The main motivation behind a war is often either ambitious territorial expansion or protection of one’s national integrity when under threat.

However, war, no matter what the intentions may be, has debilitating effects, especially from an economic perspective.

The thriving market economy involves peaceful cooperation. The division of labor required for a successful economy cannot function effectively amidst a war. …


Scattered thoughts and 3am outbursts

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